Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Hi guys!!!!!! How are you all doing? Hope the week is going smoothly?. As you know, LEEMA is an instagram lover. It has also been said that "she is an instagram freak", while others on some occasions admitted she is an instagram addict. Well, the crux of the matter remains and has always been: she doesn't care!!!  I LOVE...YES LOVE scrolling through my timeline to see different  pictures of sisters slaying! To  say the truth, they inspire my everyday outfit in one way or the other. Am  I even talking about how IG has helped me improve myself? Na! Let's leave that gist for another day.
Today am sharing with you five of my favorite IG account.
Well I stalk people a lot (especially people am not following hehehe irony of life abi). Love the feeling of sneaking into their feed to see something new! *lol* crazy right? Yea! I know! Don't forget to follow me @_lee_ma.
    1:  @Fitraulia_
This sister is a perfect example of who I wanna be when I grow up. (Oops am grown already ok maybe in my next life). She is a good role model for futuristic wanna be babes. I love how she wrap her veil to cover her bosom and always on loose gowns and skirt. #Masha Allah. I once set a goal for myself to say bye to trousers, doing greater than I expected. Missed  them so much and have to reconfigure my goal to; No to skinny jean! Loose pants only! #smh may Allah SWT make it easy for us all. ( ameen)

2: @stylebyada
 At number two, she slays, Damn! I love her style. I think I have a bit of her in me or lets say she has a bit of LEEMA in her! (Yea, that sounds better *wink*). Am into layering every day. When it's always difficult to find that modest wear, the best I can do is to combine independent pieces together to get that perfect look I have in my head, and this sister here is a professional! I love how she layers in so many pieces and they always come out nice. I need my friends to follow this sister and learn more on layering or know what layering is all about so they can stop saying " Leema ati awon akon pon e". (We need a yoruba interpreter here).

        3: @brimahandjohn
At 3 is this fliest niqabi in the whole universe! Yes! The whole universe. She makes wearing niqab so fun! have never vision myself in Niqab, may Allah forgive as all. But after coming across this sister's  account, I fell in love with it. Been stalking her page for a while before I followed her. I just love that fun of stalking people. Lol. it's one of my goal right now. In sha Allah one day. I know it won't be easy but I pray for Allah guidance. Y'all should follow her for niqab style inspiration.

Feeya! I do pronounce her name as "fire" because  this sister is always slaying in every picture. She have a little bit of the hood in her style,reason why I love her style so much. And you know LEEMA is all about the street. *lol* sometimes they call me IBILE! (Meaning Hood). 

Can't even start explaining how much I love her style. Her style is the true definition of classic. Her vintage style is everything.

Photo source :: Their instagram page!

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