Saturday, 26 March 2016


You are my Angel and mine alone said my Mum on the 25th of March, the day she brought me into this world at about 9.05 am,she said that my labour pains began around 4am in the morning (atleast I no suffer my mama for long *Smiling*) A birthday to me is a start of a fresh chapter of your life,where you get rid of some bad habits or begin to do things that are beneficial to us.I have celebrated over 20 birthdays, Alhamdulilah and each has come with different twists and turns, different achievements,different goals, and this year I made a lot of wishes but my top 3 wishes were :

To be HAPPY forever, To know what path to walk on after this phrase of my life and Lots and lots of money!!!! Some of you may say I didn't ask for a stronger Iman or good health?? To be happy means you are alive and well, you are happy with the way you practise your religion and also that the people around you are at peace with you.
I want to thank Almighty ALLAH to see this day and pray I see many more years to come, Amin!!!! My birthday suit as I call it was designed by me but trust our Nigerian tailors,they always have a different style for you in mind so I just had to wear my Ankara jumpsuit to take some pictures which happened to be the highlight of my day. I wanna tank everyone who called,sent msgs,May Allah bless u all. 

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Caterina Efé said...

Oh my gosh, I've been trying for so long to know how to tie headscarf like that, it just doesn't work :-(