Wednesday, 16 March 2016


*Akara and moi moi get the same parent,na wetin dem pass through make dem different*
English translation: How you start doesn't ’t matter, what matters is how you finish.
I saw this quote and many others as a broadcast message some days back and I felt it would be a good intro for a blogspot.

Well I decided to take the day of from serving my country to treat me self to a little fun so I went to a run side park with a friend and we decided to take some fun pictures. I have realized that most of us run faster than our shadows, we all want to win but you can't be a winner or be successful without undergoing some challenges.So it's necessary to take some time out to relax,forget about the world and just focus on you,when it's your time to succeed nothing would be in your way.

Have a lovely day Leemlarians #wink#


shebabluez said...

Madam, i love the jumping picture. Feels free...

Cassie Daves said...

I love the location! And your outfit is cool.