Monday, 28 March 2016


 Shirts, pants, and shoes. Unless you’re looking to add a blazer, a guy’s daily ensemble is pretty basic. While female can easily sport a flashy pair of heels or style a dress over a pair of pants to stand out, individualizing a look isn’t so easy for men. So how do they do it?.

How do I apologise for being unable to post on this segment for the past two weeks.*sigh* Am sure you don't want me to bore you with the whole "have been busy with school work and all that".So Let's just skip to the part where I hear you say " You've been forgiven" *wide grin* 
Today we have this stylish brother MUBARAK KOLAWOLE, student of Federal University of Technology Minna, Computer Science department. Making us believe that truly accessorizing is the key to an outfit, a few extras will tie the look together. Guys are socially restricted to wearing a shirt and pair of pants. But the options for upping their  accessory game are virtually endless. 
Be it that  sophisticated watch or tossing those boring brogues and selecting an expressive moto boot instead. Or add some spice to their regular outfit by picking up a thick-rimmed glasses. 
Our style crush distinguish his ensemble from fellow men  by incorporating a hat into his look. Hat might just be the easiest way to make more of a statement with your style. I won’t say that every man should have a hat in his wardrobe, however, I do think every man should strongly consider one, especially if it can practically serve him.  


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