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Hello lovelies, how are y'all doing? I trust you guys are having an amazing weekend? Anyway, It's Saturday! And yes I'm here with something interesting. So sit back, relax, grab a long glass of sparkling water as you enjoy this blog post titled: HOW MEN LOVE.

Now this is a touchy subject for me, of course y'all know how I can be when it comes to matters of the heart. Lol. Alright, let's gets to it. You know guys, there's always been a misconception making round among the female folks about how men are incapable of expressing the sincerest form of love.
Another misconception making fast waves since the inception of various mass media forms is the simple fact that love remains a jolly ride even on unsettled seas.

Now, what exactly is love? I'm sure we all have definitions that are very true to our various love situations, for this reason I'd go with something general.

"Love is the innate ability to share deep affection for another person".

Innate in that definition points to the fact that love is inbound. You are not taught to love, its a natural configuration, a legitimate part of the design features of every human: Male or Female.

Now what is this disturbing talk about men not being capable of love? The problem my people, lies in the fact that women have been blinded by the voluminous amounts of romantic literatures, movies and perception of the media about the directions love ought to take.

So if he isn't buying you roses, or cooking you morning breakfasts,or taking you to the salon,  or dry-cleaning your bras and panties, he simply doesn't love you, or if he does love you, he doesn't know how to best show it.

Now guys, let's go a tad bit into what society has created for the genders. According to society, certain gender roles remain exclusives of the Male. These roles include, Providing, Protecting and Defending the female. A man has to provide, he has to protect as well as defend his female counterpart. My dear ladies, I put it to you, that a man who carries out these roles, has nothing but genuine unadulterated love for you.

The male gender was not designed to be soft, so you would have to pardon us if we don't cook you morning breakfasts or gleefully dry clean your pants and bras.

In a chat with some of my female friends, I asked them how a man or their partner should show his love to them, of course the answers were as predictable as the episodes of Nigerian soap operas. " He has to take me out, he has to buy me flowers, he has to text me all day and call me night, he has to be caring, he has to be able to stand up for me...etcetera, etcetera.

In a bid to ensure fairness, I posed the same question to some of my male folks. How are you supposed to show love to your female partner. I got answers like : I should be able to provide for her basic needs, I should be able to protect her, I should be able to defend her.."

Now, if we carefully examine the answers of the two genders, we would realize that the answers revolve around the gender roles that society has created for the male. The female folks in their answers, are evidently seen to be in need of Protection, defense and provision. Their male counterparts on the other hand are inclined to protect, provide and defend the female.

One thing is certain however, the male folk would only protect, provide and defend a female that he not only loves, but TRULY loves. Forgive him if he doesn't paint your nails, braids your hair or send you plagiarized materials from cheap text message pamphlets, but if he his willing to stand up against harms that come your way, willing to rebuke anyone that spews trash at you, and willing to put food on your table, my lady he gat nothing but love!

Before I draw the curtain, I'd like to quickly take us through the theory of Hegemonic masculinity. According to the hegemonic masculinity theory, some males are perceived as weaker males, and as such regarded as lesser men." This is usually because they are seen to be too SOFT, doing less manly things or lacking in the ability to fulfill their gender roles.

Trust me, no man wants to be perceived this way, and as such would do everything to remain tough, maintain his self -worth and self-value. This explains why you would hardly see him cry, or why he doesn't exactly fancy the display of public affection at every single time.

When real men love, they protect you, they provide for you, and they defend you, because that is how real men LOVE.

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